What is Unemployed Loan?

The loan product that is primarily designed and given to feed the financial needs after the job loss is called the unemployed loan. During the rainy days of unemployment when mounting debts become the biggest point of concern, a backup becomes necessary. British Cash Loan serves you with plausible loans for unemployed that are tailored according to your affordability.

Types of Unemployed Loans

The online lending market has countless financial opportunities. Every single loan product has many types that are available with different names. Unemployed loans are not the exceptions and they pair perfectly with varied financial situations creating a separate loan product. As a result, comes to the versatility that serves multiple concerns of countless people seeking for funds to get rid of their tough times.

We have all the types in our list. Search whatever type you want and we are sure to show our presence. The prime concern behind this is to ease your search for the funds.

1. Quick Loans

Just look at the name and you are sure to get the idea. Yes, the quick loans for unemployed facilitate funding in a very short time and are perfect for urgent needs. While travelling to your new job interview, apply for the loan and by the time you reach there, funds may reach to your bank account too.

2. Personal Loans

You can get loans by applying to a British Cash Loan for the unemployed. The approval decision comes on the same day and fund disbursal is also assured on time. Actually, there is no constraint on what exactly should be your reason to take the loans, which makes the existence of unemployed personal loans possible.

3. Payday Loans

Every minute is precious when it is about money matters. The moments of great financial stress when waiting for even an hour is impossible can get a reliable support through payday loans. Approval decision in 30 seconds, fund disbursal in10 minutes. Quite fast! Right? Why to waste time? Stop wandering online for payday loans for unemployed by direct lenders. We have some good deals to offer.

4. Bad Credit Loans

Bad credit? Oh, the most frightening thing! But we transform it into a better situation by providing assistance beyond credit score status. The prime concern is the financial capacity to repay the loan. Also, there are better chances of relaxation in rates if poor credit situation is not consistent. Through a smooth procedure, you can easily qualify for the loans for the unemployed with bad credit on customised deals.

5. Doorstep Loans

Why not make money walk to your door? May be you are doing some part-time or freelance work. Above all, a considerable amount of time spends in giving interviews. This includes travelling and search for the right address of the company. In such situations, it is not possible to get time for loan procedures or visit the lenders. We can help through doorstep loans 4 unemployed. From application to approval decision, things happen online but for fund disbursal, we come to your home. Once your application is approved, just give us a date and we are sure to knock at the right time and on the right day.

6. Short Term Loans

You choose and we provide! Tenure is an important aspect that affects the total cost of the loan. With varied choices of tenures, that include 3 months, 6 months and 12 months you can get the short term loans for unemployed. The rest of the formalities are same. Disclose your financial requirements and we can suggest the best tenure option.

7. Emergency Loans

This is for the ‘red alert’ circumstances when a grave situation hovers over you. Unemployment makes everything difficult and financial matters are one of them. Don’t worry, our emergency loans are there to create escape windows. Get funds in the least possible time and win the wrestle with the money mess..

By the way, for all of the above-mentioned types, if you have any fear of interest rates then let us make something clear to you. All our deals on the loans for unemployed in the UK come with the feature of personalised pricing. This is sure to calm down the rate of interest and it is possible to get the deal in your favour almost every time.

Benefits of Loans for Unemployed People

Here comes the most interesting part that works as the magnet for you. Our effort is to provide maximum opportunity for you to exploit.

Can I apply a loan if I’m unemployed?

Loans Status Why PLL
How much we can borrow? - Up to £50,000 and No fees, ever!
Repayment options available Yes 3 to 36 Months No paperwork
Can I apply with bad credit history? Yes Instant decision
Can I choose Instalments option Yes Flexible repayment
Do we check credit score* NO No credit footprint

Loan Procedure for Unemployed People

When the baggage of multiple obligations is on your shoulders, the prime concern is to get the funds instantly. We too have the same concern and that reflects in the procedures that are CERTAINLY NOT SLOW.

Get funds in three simple steps -

Step 1

Submit and apply for the loans. Only a few personal and financial details are required.

Step 2

Here comes the approval decision, which happens in a few minutes.

Step 3

The fund disbursal time. This too occurs within the committed time. WE GIVE VALUE TO YOUR TIME.

Eligibility/ Criteria

Some fundamental conditions are required to apply for the loans for unemployed.

Loans For Unemployed Faqs

Can you borrow money from the bank without a job?

Banks have their own set of rules that are prevalent in the mainstream lending industry. They cannot compromise on that part and a certain source of income is necessary to show. However, if after job loss you are earning through a part-time job or freelancing then at least you can try.

How can I get money fast without a loan?

This is something that depends on your personal circumstances. There can be varied ways to arrange funds. Help from friends and family, selling off your assets are some of the common ways that you can try.

What Loans Can I get on benefits?

Every deal of loans for unemployed comes with certain benefits. Get in detail, know about the features. Many lenders provide unemployed loans for people on benefits; you just need to find the deal that fits best for you.

Are there any loans for people on benefits?

Yes, several deals on the loans for unemployed are available for people on benefits. You need to first with the actual need i.e. ‘loans for unemployed people on benefits’. Varied lenders have varied guidelines on this aspect and that can affect your decision. Better is to do a deep research beforehand and then exploit the option that is most suitable according to your circumstances.

Can I get a loan with bad credit and no job?

If you can prove your repayment capacity against the desired loan amount, you can get funds despite bad credit and no job. Salary slips from the last job, recent bank statements are the important tools to convince the lender. Earnings from freelance or part-time job etc. make the situation even more promising.

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