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Gone are the days when borrowing funds for the non-homeowners was a maze which leads to no end but rejection. Nowadays you can apply and CAN get approved for funds through the tenant loans. However, this loan always remains unsecured, which means NO NEED TO PLEDGE YOUR ASSET. The amount also is sure to stay small. You can easily find us online on unsecured loans for tenant.

The direct lenders in the UK offer easy funds to the applicants that are tenants. Being one of the established direct lending companies, British Cash Loan provides the funds accompanied with customisation. With only concern for your repayment capacity, we facilitate money that reaches you on the right time without any failure. Borrow up to £10,000 up to 36 months.

tenant loans

What are your basic requirements to apply for the loan?

This should not put you in much stress as nothing complicated is there in the name of ‘basic needs’ to send application. Few of the conditions are –

Can I take tenant loans for any purpose?

Yes they are, you are never restricted to borrow money for a particular purpose. Some of the common reasons are –

We ask just a few questions to help you get the most suitable deal according to your capacity to afford the loan.

Who can apply for tenant loans?

We try to include all the major categories of the applicants, as our sole purpose is to include as many as possible. The beneficiaries we serve are –

In short, all and anyone who does not own the house privately can apply for tenant loans.

Is bad credit score a problem?

NO, we don’t think so and there are reasons for that

It is true that having a good credit rating is always a bright thing to explore and exploit financial opportunities. Especially on loans, it always goes in your favour. But British Cash Loan finds no reason to keep you devoid of funds because of poor credit score. After all, they represent your past and we are concerned only about your current financial situations.

We have a promising range of loan deals on the tenant loans for bad credit with the following simple conditions.

In case of consistent poor credit situation, you can provide a guarantor. Apply to us through our tenant guarantor loans for bad credit people. Your guarantor should have a good credit score and should not be more than 60 years in age.

Note – We provide more relaxation in rates while customising deals if you have an inconsistent poor credit situation.

Borrow without search footprint

We understand that you are never in favour to get search footprint of credit check. To help you borrow funds without any anxiety we have no credit check facility. The need of credit score perusal is replaced by few of the details that we take from you. Your income proof, job stability proof, bank statement, office address. You can apply without any anticipations on getting search footprint on your credit records.

No employment status constraint

Employed, self-employed, under employed, freelancers, unemployed all can apply for loan. Your capacity to repay the loan is our only concern. If that is there, we can always give you approval despite unemployment. Find us online through tenant loans for unemployed, self-employed, freelancers etc. without any fear of rejection. If through any source of income you can show the capacity to afford the loan then funds are always there for you.

British Cash Loan is destined to serve all your financial concerns with no hassle. Any of your purposes can be served well with our loan offers and that is a promise

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