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  • July 18, 2020
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The one thing that is continuously running through our mind is money. I am 100% certain that you cannot tell me otherwise.

Are you planning to buy something in the next few weeks?

Are you thinking about where you would go once the pandemic is all done and dusted?

Are you worried about how the economy would recover during the aftermath of the coronavirus?

For me, the answer to all of these questions is yes. And all of these are related to money. Everything we do in our lives is related to money.

It may sound fickle, but money is the driving force of our lives. It is a commodity that needs to be kept safe, secure, and under locks all the time.

When you become frivolous with it, you are bound to face the consequences of this severe sin, because it is a sin. Predicaments like poor credit and even bankruptcy in some cases is due to the unwise use of money and its powers.

You can easily overcome low credit by acquiring very bad credit loans with no guarantor and no broker, but overcoming bankruptcy is a whole other ball game.

A way to avoid the fatuous use of money and its superpowers, here are four applications that you might be grateful for.

Toshl Finance-Personal Budget and Expense Tracker

The app has been given a big name, and it suits it because it delivers big things to the user, 3 million in all. The apps 4.5-star rating is proof of just that.

Toshl Finance is one of the most favoured budgeting apps for a lot of reasons;

  • The foremost is the fact that it allows the user to connect to 14,000+ banks in an instant. I cannot even name a thousand banks.
  • Then there is the currency feature. You can use over 200 currencies from across the globe with the inclusion of close to 30 cryptocurrencies.
  • The app uses graphs and charts to make it easy for the user to access his monthly budget and be prepared for the same.

What I personally feel is the best feature of the Toshl is that it categorizes our budget into any segments we may want to with as many bank accounts we may need to and for as long as we may feel like it.

Emma Finance- Money Manager & Budget Planner

When we hear the word budgeting, we always think of frugal spending and being a little cheaper in our habits and purchases.

Emma has proven that it need not be the case. Budgeting does not have to be you becoming cheap, instead you becoming wise and prudent with your money.

The makers of Emma have proudly claimed that with their app, the user can easily save up to £600 or more in a year.

As per the app,

  • You can keep track of all your accounts and expenses at one place;
  • You will receive weekly reports of your spending, so you do not go overboard;
  • You will be able to cancel subscriptions that are paid but unused by you;
  • Apart from getting daily balance notifications, you can also make monthly plans for your goals and stay on top of it at all times.

The best part of the app is that you can transfer all your budgeting data into an excel file to get a better understanding of where you lack and where you have become a pro.

Money Manager Expense and Budget

This is another app that has proven its worth in the multitudinous features that it provides to the user, who would be more than happy every time he would use the app.

This time I would start by the best and most efficient use of the app. And that is its deposit and withdraw feature.

Most budgeting apps would only record your expenses and incomes, but not this one. Money Manager will do the recording part no doubt. Still, it would also deposit the money into your bank account every time you record receiving it and withdraw money from your account when you record an expense.

The app’s other features are also quite impressive;

  • It has inbuilt graphs as a pictorial representation of all of your incomes, expenses and savings.
  • It allows you to set a date to pay your bills. For instance, you can set 15th of each month as the date you repay your credit card bill, and it will automatically make that payment for you.
  • It also facilitates the transfer of assets to make it easy for you to manage your personal and business arenas.
  • Lastly, the app is very convenient in overseeing the smooth sailing of your insurance, investment and any private loans you might have in the UK.

Winding Up

There are a few other applications as well that deserve an honourary mention.

Monefy- Money Manager with its support of multiple accounts and the built-in calculator is a great budgeting application.

Money Dashboard will probably find itself in the top five of the best apps list because of its ability to focus on the user’s future goals and making them happen with its planning function.

I hope this was helpful for you and your money goals.

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