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  • September 9, 2019
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Raising a family is very hard when you are the breadwinner. Personal expenses combined with children’s needs pose a threat to your finances. Not only do you spend sleepless nights, but you also try to figure out various methods to increase your income sources. It is difficult to be on the track when you are on a single source of income. 45% of parents in the UK become cannot support their lifestyle if the main breadwinner is unable to work due to one reason and the other.

You more often than not become unable to build an emergency cushion and eventually end up chasing loans like fast loans no guarantor. They generally aim at helping you tide over during financial emergency, but it can be threatening if you borrow to make ends meet. Under several circumstances, you can find yourself in the red account. You must try to make efforts to be on top of expenses even if you come across unforeseen expenses.

Create a budget

Budgeting is paramount even if you are earning good remuneration. To whittle down expenses, you must know where your money is going. You will have a deep insight into it after perusal of what is coming in and what is going out. A smart method to create a budget is to maintain a record of all sources of inflows and outflows. It can be time-consuming, but it definitely works in your favor.

Try to divide expenses into different categories and set a limit for each. Write down expenses you make every day and add up to know the total expense at the end of the month. However, you should analyse it bi-weekly unless you take hold of it. Make sure that you do not spend beyond the limit. Budgeting helps track your expenses and cut back on non-essential expenses. Discretionary expenses vary from individual to individual. Note that where you can compromise. Gym membership, magazine subscriptions are some of the expenses you can avoid preventing from overspending.

Earn extra income

It is not surprising that you struggle to make ends meet despite cutting down on all discretionary expenses. Since every member of your family is dependent on you, you may feel that you are spending more than you are earning. Start an additional income source. Grab a part-time job or side gigs. Try to create a fixed source of income by renting out a share of your house. Start investing money to earn returns. However, make sure that the investment does not involve a huge risk.

Use coupons

When your entire family is running on a single income source, you need to find out ways to cut back on your expenses. You should use discount coupons and vouchers. These deals will help you spend less money. Many stores provide these deals on special occasions. Do forget to take advantage of them. Try to buy fruits and groceries in bulk to save money. Make sure that no item goes perished before you consume them. Use tools and apps that will let you know extra discount deals in stores.

Shop around

Shopping is no more tiring nowadays as you can get everything online. With a few clicks, you place an order to buy things you need in the first place, but you do not need to be in such a hurry. There are various stores providing the same thing. Search for the item in different places and then compare prices. Sometimes you get something online at lower prices, but it is not worth buying. Try to match the quality with the price you are paying.

The bottom line

If you are the breadwinner for your family, it is likely that you face cash shortfall. You should create a budget to avoid overspending, cut down on nonessential expenses and earn extra income. If you fall short of cash due to emergency, you can take out loans with a reputed direct lender like Personal Loan Lenders.