• June 21, 2019
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Life is full of uncertainties and there is nothing we can do much except anticipating. Often, we encounter unexpected events in our life; some come as a cool air breeze that makes your spirit smile from the inside while some come like a hurricane, completely devastating. Financial emergencies are one good example of this bad event that takes a heavy toll financially and emotionally both. Well, no matter how hard we try we cannot stop such events from occurring, but we do have the power to prepare ourselves from the very start that can help us.

Every month you create a balanced budget and try to save as much as possible for your future goals, but one bad moment and you hit the rock bottom. Here are the different types of financial emergencies that can ruin your budget and how you can handle them effectively.

Different types of financial emergencies and how to deal with them

  • Car issue 

This is one of the most common emergencies that people face. A sudden breakdown or any other kind of wreckage in the car is enough to drain big cash from your pocket. A car plays a very crucial part in our daily life.  For most of the people, they are more than just a vehicle, so ignoring the car is certainly not an option. The best thing that you can do is have an emergency fund ready for such events so that you can manage the expenses without using any of your monthly income or exhaust your credit card.

  • Medical emergency

 Nothing can be worse than a medical emergency in the home where you don’t have enough cash in your hand to pay for the treatment. Well, when it comes to family, we are ready to do all things possible, but it would be better to take an effective step in such a hectic situation, where you can easily get panic. You can apply for fast loans where no guarantor is required.  This loan is ideal as you will get the fund immediately and without the need to providing a guarantor, but this type of funding is possible only when you knock the doors of the direct lenders.

  • Sudden job loss

All of a sudden, you lost the job that you really loved and from where you were generating a major part of your total income. This will definitely fall under the category of big financial emergency as there will be rents, bills, debts and daily utilities expense that you will have to take care of. Managing all these things with the limited money in your hand can be very challenging and it is not only you who will be suffering from this; it’s also your family and children who are on the line. If the situation is out of control, then you should for financial help. There are direct lenders in the market who provides loans for unemployed with bad credit no guarantor.

  • Sudden Home repair

Home is the biggest investment for most of the people, but sometimes sudden events come such as roof replacement and HVAC maintenance can make you think twice that whether you should have stayed in a rented house.  Yes, it is true that house maintenance requires big funding and in order to pay for heavy expenses, either you have to use a major chunk of your savings or apply for a personal loan. Which one you choose whether it’s the saving or personal loan, make sure that using it doesn’t damage your financial stability in any sense.

  • Relocation 

You got a new job and now you will have to move along with your family. Well, this can be really challenging whether you are moving within or outside the state.  From taking all your stuff to a new place will be very hectic and expensive as well. Therefore, start preparing from 2-3 months prior to your moving month and then hire a good moving company that can help you with your moving task in the budget. Wrapping up, these were the major emergencies that could cost your fortune, if you haven’t prepared well or doesn’t make good decisions.