• August 7, 2018
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Bridging loan aims at helping people by bridging the gap between the funds required for selling and buying of a property. It helps the home shifters, when there emerges a gap between the selling and the buying dates. In such a hectic situation, a person can use bridging loansto buy the house. These loans can be the best option that provide you a helping hand in making urgent buy at an auction or make a quick sale after the renovation of a house. When taking a closer look at them, bridging loans are the ones that are designed basically for the people, who are the landlords or the amateur developers of property. The interest rates involved with the loans are usually higher than other loan types when compared. Also, while a person apply for them, he/she might come across the difficulty of charging heavy administration fees. To enjoy the best experience at these loans, it is beneficial to know them in depth and then make a thoughtful decision. How to Calculate Bridging Loan Interest Rates Every short term bridging loan is offered over certain important factors, and interest rate, is one of them. The biggest confusion that people go through is the calculation of the interest rate. Many of them do not know what might be the interest rates over these bridging loans. Rate of interest is something that usually depends over the lender, you are borrowing the loan amount from. Some lenders charge the interest rate on a monthly basis from their borrowers. A specific percentage that is pre-decided is added to the actual amount of the loan. This rate is then added to each monthly payment, which finally increases the gross balance of the loan. Apart from these calculations, a lender or a borrower can also calculate the interest rate to the loan by using the online bridging loans calculator. The question that arises is how to use these calculators? Well, it is simple; all that is required for a person to do is fill in the details that are being asked. These details include the following -
  • Property value
  • Mortgage outstanding
  • Required amount for loan
  • Lender arrangement fee
  • Exit fee of lender
Who offers bridging loans? The market flourishes with an ample number of bridging loan providers. Here are some of the prominent names: Santander Bridging Loan: It provides its customers the easy and fast bridging loans to finish the bridging gap between the transactions. Personal Loan Lender: Apart from Santander, many growing direct loan lenders like Personal Loan Lender deal in reputable FinTech lending. It offers the money to its borrowers that they need by its easily affordable bridging loans. NatWest Bridging Loan: Another famous and well-known lender for these types of loans is NatWest Bridging Loan, which offers the money to the borrowers at an interest rate cheaper than other loan lenders in the market. So, if you have to buy a property and the funds are the only obstruction in your way, it is time to apply for these loans by a reputed lender and get your property with the money you are going to receive.

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