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Who is British Cash Loan?

British Cash Loan is renowned direct loan lenders who offer short-term loans in the UK to fund your unforeseen expenses when you have run out of money. Contrary to traditional moneylenders, we accept applications from bad credit borrowers too. Our aim is to help as many borrowers as possible who are in need of financial support.

We strive to provide you with personalised loan offers so that you do not fall into a predatory debt cycle. We offer what you deserve, not what you desire. Contact us when you need money. We assure you that you will get a satisfactory solution.

Our Services

Unsecured Personal Loans

Want instant funding to meet personal ends? Our unsecured personal loans offer exactly to you.

Loans for Unemployed

Don’t allow financial crisis after a job loss. Keep the flow of cash continue to your bank account.

Loans for Bad Credit

Do not worry if you stay behind your credit score. It is time for significant improvement.

No Guarantor Loans

Hold alone the responsibility of loans and the repayments. We make everything easier for you.

Small Business Loans

Nurture your small business to achieve large goals. We instantly fund your business requirements.

Bridging Loans

Do not let the financial gap in purchasing your liked property. Just go on to your proceedings.

Loans for Tenant

Are you living on rent? You are a pre-eligible borrower to avail personalised loan deals.

Whom Do We Lend?

We believe that anybody may fall in financial emergency regardless of their credit history. We lend money to both good credit and bad credit borrowers. Our borrowers are divided into two categories:

First-time borrowers Existing Borrowers

It includes those borrowers who have no credit history.

  • No credit check
  • Income serves the basis for decision-making
  • Disbursal amount is up to £10,000

It includes those borrowers who have applied for a loan with us before.

  • Soft credit check
  • Special discounts on personal loan lenders during festive season
  • Disbursal amount is up to £15,000

Why choose us?

British Cash Loan is different from traditional private lenders because we use modern lending technology. Here are some of the benefits of applying for loans with us.

1. Easy application procedure

With online lending, it is very easy to apply for loans with us. You just need to put in the loan application form online and you will get funds immediately after approval.

2. Flexible lending policy

The main benefit that we provide is flexible lending. Unlike conventional lenders, we are more in favour of helping people through any means. We try our best to provide personalised loan deals.

3. Minimum documentation

We follow online lending procedure and hence we never require you to get into the hassle of paperwork. After initial-stage approval, you just need to submit your income statement and nothing else.

4. No obligations

All our short-term loans come with no obligation, which means you do not need to arrange a guarantor, nor collateral even if your credit score is not stellar.

Why choose us?

Eligibility For Applying For Personal Loans

Our primary goal is to fulfil your financial needs during an emergency. This is why we follow simple eligibility criteria.

Step 1

You should be over 18.

Step 2

Only UK residents can apply.

Step 3

A bank account must be functional.

Step 4

You should have a full-time job
(a side gig if you are unemployed)

People with good credit scores are always welcome, but equal opportunity is also provided to borrowers with poor credit. British Cash Loan creates a chance for them to improve their credit ratings and recreate more funding opportunities in the future.

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